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July 14, 2016, Teniele Ashlee

“We are all familiar with consumers’ constant desire to see something new, yet they still want, in many cases, to have somewhat of a familiar comfort level… We have to assess our customers’ aspirations by using credible forecasts as a guide to invigorated colour design palettes that will inform and encourage new colour directions.”

Leatrice (Lee) Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute


Moving, renovating, looking to change up your current abode, here is a collation with my take on the 2017 trend predictions and Pantone's 2017 colour watch.

Not all of it is my personal taste but I'm very excited for a change up from what has been current this past year. 


There are said to be a few specific design trends set to make a return but you can expect some new kids on the block to change up the current copper and metallic trend, so be on the lookout for terracotta and cork! 


The Pantone colour forecast is made up of 9 palettes, which also seems to move or expand away from this year's popular rose quartz and pastel blue themes into greens and neutrals.

With that being said, you can still expect to see some pastel and metallics, they won't disappear completely and vintage and retro styles won't be going anywhere quickly either. 


My pick of the 9 palettes is 'Acquired Taste' which is suggestive of a mix of colours not usually seen together but combined to create an interesting yet harmonious feel, think pale gold, brandied melon, dove grey, and a pale pink. 

And 'Raw Materials', re-purposing raw materials derived from nature, its the colours you see in food, spice plants, etc, think Indigo and Zephyr pink as a contrast against the natural tones. 

terracotta and metallic
image via: adacatlanta.com  
terracotta decor

image via: tizianatosoni.com. styled by Alessandra Salaris.  Photographed by Beppe Brancato

modern bathroom

Image via: interiorzine.com 

2017 trend

image via: H&M

image via: tizianatosoni.com. styled by Alessandra Salaris.

Photographed by Beppe Brancato

interior styling

image via: cotemaison.fr

image via: cosstores.com 

Neutral tone bedroom
green colour 2017 prediction

image via pinterest

kitchen design

image via: carlaaston.com

image via: archiproducts.com

 image via: archiexpo.fr

image via: archiproducts.com  

terracotta styling

 image via: @eclectictrends

 image via: cotemaison.fr

bedroom styling

 image via: vtwonen.nl

cork and wicker

           image via: egetrom.no