Graphic design, freelance illustrator

Designer/ Illustrator

Founder of folk and nido 


                                                                                                                                        Coming from a fashion design background,

  I have always had an interest in everything design.


I've spent the last 10 years working in high end

couture and ready-to-wear production which led me to dabble into my own clothing line a few years back. 


A combination of bad timing and for the first time in my life a feeling that fashion just didn't seem a fit for me, led me back to my basics,

and got me soul searching for what it was I was so passionate about early on.


After taking a year off to become a mum, I got back in touch and into all the things I once loved that drew me to fashion in the first place. 

My love for design lies in fabric, texture, colour, creating, using my hands and illustration.


I started drawing again, which developed into freelancing in art/graphic design, and a gift card collection. 


My obsession with magazines slowly migrated from fashion to the home and then somewhat organically I designed a homewares product range,

a concept for the store, and folk and nido came about. 


I hope to bring you a consistently beautiful and creative website that features my love for design and those of other artisans with similar stories to myself,

in a personal and collaborative shopping experience and I hope you love it! x

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