It should be on your "places to visit" bucket list, it was on mine, although never prioritised until the best excuse prevails and you sister moves to Hobart, Tasmania.

It was winter, it was cold, it was beautiful, it was dark, and it was also dark mofo.

It's Mona's winter solstice festival that brings thousands to the usually restful city for a feast of the senses, and belly..literally. It captures Hobarts entire attention for 3 weeks with installations, performances, rituals, light shows, music, dawn and dusk sirens blasted via chopper over the city everyday and a huge winter feast.

With a nearly two year old in tow, we didn't accomplish as much "mofo" as some other festival goers, mostly due to the "darkness", but of what we did catch it was a memorable experience for the whole family. "Daaaark mofo" being heard long into the night by Hobarts newly recruited 'mini mofo' who since likes to party way past bedtime.

Festival aside, everything people tell you about Tassie is true. Its foodie scene, local wines, history, coffee, quaint villages, landscapes, Mona. Its all of international standard..... Behind the mainland? I think not.

Mona speaks for itself, its like nothing else. Hosting festivals such as Dark Mofo, and plenty more year round, it spreads its essence over the city and its very very cool, there is just no other word.

Lacking the will (and time) to drive across the island with bubs, we stayed close to Hobart, and still could have spent more time there. Yet we still felt immersed in all of the beauty you hear of the place, and left in overall awe, with many more destinations Tasmania now on the list.

Image via: Tourism Tasmania

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