The backyard wedding where suburbia is just effortlessly cool.

My long long time best friends got married this year.. to each other (heart eyes emoji) and it was one of those events to be remembered -I know Im sure like most weddings- but this one had an edge, a 'vibe' , it came with a loved-up, homesick in a good way feeling, that you only get on very rare occasions, with a very rare bunch of people.

I felt extra invested in this event, this family is like my second family, no, not like, IS. And other than obviously wanting to help your friends wherever you can, I was thrilled that they asked me to do all their invites and graphics for the event.

It's one of those projects you cant get enough of, and you eagerly spend all your free time playing around trying to get it perfect. I genuinely loved doing this one.

Pics below include: the Save the dates- Invites, Posters, Bonbonniere, and the big green arch?, Ha!. I moonlighted as an assistant florist on this one, for my little sister who is yet to get this floristry talent of hers off the ground so for now we will call her "no name" but she did all the flowers (she's part of the second family too) and they were incredible, especially the huge arch of greenery if I do say so myself. The bouquet though!......ahhhh (more love hearts)

Cool. It was so cool. Definitely........... Effortlessly.. well, that may be a understatement.

I first hand saw the "effort' in each tiny little thought-out detail come to life over the course of the year preceding, then also first hand watched as el-nino turned oh-nonino opening the heavens the week, days, minutes leading up to the 'summer, alfresco, morrocan, twilight, concept inspired event.

It was rough, it was heartbreaking, it required a total vision adjustment and as someone who's been through an un seasonal once in three decades type weather phenomenon the day before our wedding, I know its such a hard thing to swallow. Its a disappointment you don't want to feel or associate with the day before or in this case the day of your wedding.

As much as I didn't want to hear it at the time, I felt compelled to offer the only advice that rang so true -AFTER the fact- that no matter what, you will still have one of the best days of your life celebrating such a significant milestone with literally your favourite people in the whole wide world.

And Alas..(enter cliché) but Love prevailed. and it was everything.

And to everybody else, it was just so 'effortlessly cool'

See for yourself......

Image Credits below. All professional shots by

Images 1-6 by :Teniele Ashlee

Images 7-12 by : Natalie Grono

Images 13-14 by: Abby Anderson

Image 15 by: Teniele Ashlee

Images 16 + 17 by: Natalie Grono

Images 18 + 19 by: Teniele Ashlee

Images 20-24 by: Natalie Grono

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