Barossa. Be consumed.

This is a week/year/time for me full of firsts, and a little time spent in Adelaide for the first time = first blog post. It's the first time after landing my feet solidly on the ground after a first few months of wobbly first time parenting that we have taken an actual trip and not just pretending my parent's house counts. First plane trip with bub,,.. first hotel stay.. It's all kind of new, you get the drift.

I'm a big fan of the dark, moody, soundtracked, Barossa commercial, it worked, I've wanted to go for a while now and "be consumed". Knowing full well my time with an 8 month old might not involve rolling around in the mud at an open campfire in the middle of the night after climbing trees all day, with Nick cave as my backing track, BUT what's not to like about the vineyards, some time in the country and well, wine. So I took the invitation graciously, and wasn't disappointed.

In not so many words, I've compiled a little highlights reel of a couple of days spent in Adelaide city and the Barossa, 'twas some great food, great wine and a great itinerary for a baby, add a few more bottles (wine variety), keep the lights on after 6pm and its a great baby free weekend too.

Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide Central Market: A must see, it feels like the heart of the city, and is a little more interesting than your regular farmer's market. Still jam packed with beautiful fresh produce and local products but little cafe's and deli's fill the nooks and cranny's and there is a real sense of local daily life. People fill the cafe corners, the coffee drinkers are perched at the bar with the paper and the sushi and vietnamese bench kiosks are filled with the lunch breakers, it's an image of urban Adelaide.

image via:

Jamface Cafe: Located in central market, delicious simple food. The omelette is done very well! image via:

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Street art. image via:

The beautiful Barossa. I'm sure you can't go wrong but here are the few places we ate/drank.

St Hallett: Gorgeous grounds, worth a visit. Now I know nothing about wine, and I'm a novice when it comes to tasting, however I know what I like and equally what I don't, it's all personal but for what it's worth, the Old Block shiraz is the standout, it's won plenty of awards so no discoveries there, and the Butchers Cart shiraz also lovely for more of a Wednesday night wine.

St Hallett grounds.

Grant Burge: It was cold during our visit in late June, however Grant Burge have an outdoor area and a local meat and cheese plate that would be a perfect combination for summer or spring.


Artisans of Barossa + Harvest Kitchen: GO

A boutique style vineyard where 6 smaller winemakers have joined forces and share the space. Great way to taste, and the food in the adjoining restaurant is amazing.

In a predominantly Shiraz grown area, a standout white for me was the Hobbs with freckles, Viognier.

The food is fresh, real, and delicious, sharing style menu. The atmosphere is cool, welcoming and refreshing. image via,

The Barossa farmer's market, bustling local and tourist hive on Saturday mornings, an obligatory stop in preparation for a Saturday evening overlooking the vineyards with the wine of the day and local accompaniments. MUST buy the Farm butter...seriously.

image via:

Last stop of the day, Mrs Barossa herself, Maggie Beer's pheasant farm shop: Everyone knows her, and her divine products, but they are all out for taste testing it's an overload for the tastebuds, you get a little glimpse into her farm life and family history and it's a genuinely beautiful place to be.

Those colours!!!!

Until next time.....

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