ISBN: 9780241290507

Dimensions: 25.4 and 25.4 cm

Publish Date: 1 Oct 2016

Page Count: 272

NASTY GALAXY. Amoruso, Sophia. Hardcover

  • A lavishly illustrated, envelope-pushing life bible from Sophia Amoruso, New York times bestselling author of #GIRLBOSS and founder of NastyGal. Nasty Galaxy is part scrapbook, part inspo-journey - and 100% #GIRLBOSS. Filled with illustrations, photos and short essays that embody the style and spirit of the NastyGal brand, it is both a vivid visual compendium of Sophia Amoruso's influences and the perfect life bible for girlbosses everywhere. Featuring a foreword by Courtney Love, and with unique insights and inspiration from the baddest bitches across the globe, Nasty Galaxy approaches style, philosophy and advice in the same way #GIRLBOSS approached business: by turning it on its head. Warning: this is not a style book. It's not about how to mix prints - it's about how to leave yours on everything you touch. Beautiful Linen covered hardback.