Publisher: NEW HOLLAND

ISBN: 9783836532297

Dimensions: 28.8 and 24 cm

Publish Date: 1/03/2016

Page Count: 168

EAST OF THE SUN. Nielsen, Kay & Daniel, Noel

  • Folk tales and exquisite illustration: Rediscovering Kay Nielsen's most ambitious publication. Step into a world of star-crossed lovers, magical winds, mischievous trolls and some of the most exquisite illustration in the history of books. In this gorgeous reprint, TASCHEN revives the most ambitious publication project of beloved Danish artist Kay Nielsen, one of the most famous children's book illustrators of all time. First published in 1914, East of the Sun and West of the Moon is considered a jewel in Art Nouveau design, celebrated by both art and book collectors for Nielsen's exquisite watercolor scenes of star-crossed lovers, warriors, and magic in this classic Norwegian folk tale. A signed copy of the original East of the Sun, West of the Moon that sold at auction in 2008 commanded the highest price ever paid for an illustrated children's book. Presented in a cardboard slip cover it makes a beautiful gift.